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50+ years specializing in helping homeowners in Texas maintain healthy landscapes and foundations

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We deliver long-lasting, quality improvements for homeowners across North Texas

Sprinkler Repairs, Upgrades, and Installations

Looking for help with sprinkler repairs, upgrades, or installations? Look no further! Our friendly team is here to assist you with all of your needs.

Foundation Watering

We make sure your home is protected with expert foundation watering techniques.

Root Barriers

Trees growing too close to a foundation can affect the moisture of the supporting soils beneath the structure. Root barriers can delay or even eliminate the need for foundation repairs.

Drainage Systems & Sod

We provide top-quality and custom drainage improvements for every home and business. Sod options are also available providing a perfect finish to every project.

50+ Years Servicing North Texas Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Experts Since 1971

For over 50 years, Lee Sprinkler, Drainage, and Foundation Preservation (also known as Lee Engineering) has delivered long-lasting, quality improvements for homeowners and is recognized as the best in North Texas.

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Leader in SMART irrigation & system upgrades

Pioneer of custom foundation watering systems

Engineers of trenchless and other irrigation improvements

Experts in drainage improvements & sprinkler repairs


our clients loves us

Lee is first call whenever we have water problems outside. Service is A+, professional, and prompt every time we call for help.

Linda L

North Texas

Lee Sprinkler and Irrigation carefully looked for issues with our system. They were professional, courteous, and friendly. The employees take prude in what they do.

Marilea H

North Texas

Lee Sprinkler has an awesome team that works hand & hand with you through the project. They are very meticulous in their approach and execution!

Bob L

North Texas

Sprinkler Repairs Sprinkler Upgrades Sprinkler Installation

Many people consider a professionally installed lawn sprinkler system to be a luxury. Not true! If you are watering your landscaping with a hose or using portable sprinklers, then you are losing money in the long run. LEE is North Texas’ pioneering company in Trenchless Irrigation.

Root Barriers

Trees are one of the main culprits for foundation and plumbing problems with our homes. When properly installed, root barriers can delay or even eliminate the need for foundation and plumbing repairs. If foundation work has already been completed, root barriers will assist the remedial piers into their full potential longterm.

Foundation Watering

Structural foundation repair is expensive and may not be successful if the clay soil continues to destabilize around your home. A licensed professional engineer will tell you that balanced moisture beneath your home is the first step to foundation stabilization. We’re committed to significantly reducing the seasonal movement of your home, so you can avoid the costly foundation repairs that come with expansive Texas clay soil.

Drainage Systems

Non-existent or improper drainage systems around your home can cause hazardous water accumulations and structural damage to your foundation. The experts at LEE are trained to evaluate your individual situation and provide the right solutions for your drainage needs

The Best Irrigation Team in North Texas


Save Time, Water & Money

We can upgrade your existing sprinkler system! Our innovative combination of irrigation upgrades will deliver the precise size of water droplets to your yard to minimize evaporation, save money and ensure a healthy landscape. We can further improve the overall efficiency of your irrigation system using a weather-based SMART controller that allows you to monitor and change your system from your smart phone or computer.

Avoid Costly Foundation Repairs

As the pioneering foundation watering system company in Texas, we have applied our expertise in structural forensics to develop the ideal foundation watering system designed to minimize the movement of our homes.

We Know Drainage

Improper drainage around your foundation can actually impact the structural performance of your home. The experts at LEE are trained by licensed professional engineers to ensure every improvement we recommend is the correct application for your particular need and is executed with precision.