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August 2017

Cycle and Soak Method – Irrigation
Cycle and Soak Method – Efficient Watering Techniques from Lee Engineering What is the Cycle and Soak Method?   The goal of the cycle and soak method for irrigation is to maximize the percentage of water that effectively absorbs into the soil each time your sprinkler system runs. In areas of North Texas with clay soil, the soak and c...
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Gaps in the Soil by Driveway – The Mystery is Solved
Gaps in the Soil Do you notice voids or gaps in the soil near your concrete driveway or sidewalk? Does the soil along the perimeter of your home pull away from the slab foundation? Do you see cracks in or around your home? You aren’t alone. Many North Texans are perplexed by the presence of voids and gaps beneath sidewalks, driveways, or slab...
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