Do Trees Affect Your Home's Foundation?

Trees growing too close to a foundation can dramatically affect the moisture content of the supporting soils within the zone of influence beneath the structure.

Root Barriers

When properly installed, root barriers can delay or even eliminate the need for foundation repairs.

If foundation work has already been completed, root barriers will assist the remedial piers in performing to their full potential long-term.

Trees growing too close to a foundation can dramatically affect the moisture content of the supporting soils within the zone of influence beneath the structure. Root systems extract large quantities of water from underlying soils and result in large volumetric changes in the soils (shrinkage and swelling). As trees absorb water from the soil, the foundation of the home will settle in unsupported areas. Tree or shrub influence may be remediated by manipulating watering patterns, removal of the tree(s) or installing root barrier(s).

Worried About Trees Growing Close to Your Foundation?

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Yes! Proper pressure regulation results in significant water savings by reducing flow, reducing misting, and improving the distribution uniformity. This is even more important and the savings are even greater when your current system is broken and/or not working properly. After a repair you will see significant benefit all around.

With our Smart Watering that is never a question you will need to think about. Turning off your watering system after rain isn’t something you should have to worry about. Prevent overwatering and water waste by installing a system that connects to your local weather.

Knowing how long to water isn’t always the easiest thing to figure out. Let smart irrigation technology make those decisions easier by automatically adjusting watering time based off temperature, and rainfall both past and future!

Smart irrigation systems give you the ability to make adjustments to your watering schedule and test for leaks using your mobile app.

FREE! Our quotes are always free. If you want us to come evaluate your needs for drainage or irrigation solutions, call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate!

We asses areas of your property that stay wet over long periods, adversely affecting appearance and usability. We implement creative solutions such as grading with low-profile inlets, grass swale, retaining walls, french and channel drains, and more!

We create a custom plan to maintain the integrity of every home’s foundation. To help minimize foundation movement we can do several things like implementing a foundation
watering system, water trees and shrubs during extended dry periods, ensure proper soil grading around your home, install guttering systems to control soil erosion and reduce the concentration of water near the foundation.

Our mission at LEE is to provide the highest level of expertise in the utilization of one of our most protected resources, water. We do this by cost-effectively manipulating how we use the water we need, and by getting rid of the bad drainage water that wreaks havoc on the foundation of our homes.

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