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LEE Sprinkler Drainage



Insufficient or poorly planned drainage systems around your Little Elm residence can lead to hazardous water buildup and the potential risk of compromising the structural stability of your foundation. At LEE, our proficient specialists are ready to assess your individual circumstance and offer the appropriate remedy for your property. Understanding that a universal drainage strategy might not be appropriate for all scenarios, we possess the knowledge and capacity to craft a tailored design that precisely addresses your distinct needs.

We Can Tackle Anything From Small Residential To Commercial Drainage Projects in Little Elm, Including


Low-Profile Inlets
PROBLEM: Standing Water & Soggy Grass

Renowned for its reliability, LEE stands as a foundation preservation company with a dedicated emphasis on serving the Little Elm community. Since 1971, our dedication has revolved around elevating the quality of life in North Texas. Recognized by the Better Business Bureau, we have honed our expertise in aiding homeowners in cultivating durable landscapes, robust foundations, and an environmentally aware atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our proficient professionals in Little Elm for a customized estimate designed to cater to your unique needs.

Grass Swale
PROBLEM: Standing Water & Soggy Grass

Perpetually moist zones within your property can adversely affect both its visual allure and practical functionality. Furthermore, stagnant water creates breeding habitats for mosquitoes and fungi, posing a threat not only to the aesthetic appeal but also to the structural stability of your home’s foundation.

Grass Swale With Concrete Flume
PROBLEM: Standing Water & Soggy Grass

Consistently damp areas across your property can have a negative impact on its visual attractiveness and functional utility. Additionally, stagnant water provides an environment conducive to the breeding of mosquitoes and fungi, presenting a twofold risk to both the visual appeal and the structural stability of your home’s foundation.

Retaining Wall
PROBLEM: Soil Erosion

Allowing unchecked water runoff to affect exposed ground can trigger erosion, resulting in unappealing issues that impact not just the visual aspect but also compromise structural stability. Erosion near your foundation can contribute to the development of cracks both on the inside and outside of your residence.

Shallow French Drain
PROBLEM: Standing Water & Soggy Grass

Extended durations of moisture throughout your property can lead to adverse outcomes impacting both its visual appeal and practical functionality. In addition to providing a breeding environment for mosquitoes and fungi, stagnant water also presents a risk to the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

Deep French Drain with Pump
PROBLEM: Foundation Upheaval

Groundwater movement often goes unnoticed, concealed beneath the earth’s surface. However, when it happens near a house’s foundation, it can cause the foundation to shift, resulting in both surface changes and structural harm.

Channel Drain
PROBLEM: Standing Water on Concrete

Water-retaining areas can form in concrete on patios, sidewalks, or driveways.

Replace Concrete
PROBLEM: Bad Concrete

Issues like standing water and significant cracking can arise due to poorly constructed patios, sidewalks, or driveways.

30 and 45 Degree Connections
PROBLEM: Slow Water Flow and Blockage

This issue arises when contractors integrate 90-degree bends into the system. The suggested remedy involves utilizing 30 and 45-degree bends in the pipeline, as this improves water flow velocity and streamlines the process of maintaining the drainage system.