Foundation Watering in Dallas

Foundation Watering Systems & Foundation Irrigation Dallas

Too much or too little moisture can lead to major foundation damage

In Dallas, the foundation repair sector is extensive owing to the substantial amount of residences constructed on expansive clay soil. In the sweltering summer period, inadequate moisture prompts the contraction of the soil around your house’s foundation, giving rise to voids or openings beneath the concrete slab. The occurrence of soil separating from the concrete slab signifies the need for a foundation watering system, commonly referred to as drip irrigation. Attaining the right moisture equilibrium is imperative for stabilizing the foundation, as both excessive and insufficient moisture can lead to significant foundation deterioration.

Don’t become a statistic in the BILLION DOLLAR foundation industry.

Inevitable foundation shifting is a common phenomenon in households, especially within North Texas. The prevalent prevalence of expansive clay soil in Dallas, combined with fluctuations in moisture levels throughout different seasons, increases the likelihood of substantial foundation movement for homeowners.

What Is The Biggest Contributing Factor To The Excessive Movement Of Foundations?

The supporting clay soils beneath most of our homes expand and contract with moisture, similar to how a sponge reacts to water.

There Are Two Types Of Damage That Occur From Foundation Movement:


Smaller, less-noticeable hairline cracks around doors and windows. More or less apparent, depending on the season.


Non-operational doors, window separation and/or larger cracks in the foundation, walls and brick.

What is the Solution?

This soil expansion and contraction process can be minimized by maintaining:

Proper Drainage

The right drainage around the home during the rainy season

Balanced Moisture

Balanced soil moisture around and beneath the home

Every Drop Counts

Since 1971, everyone on our Lee Engineering team has dedicated themselves to being leaders in irrigation, drainage, foundation preservation and water conservation technologies. As the pioneering foundation watering system company in Texas, we have applied our expertise in structural forensics to develop the ideal foundation watering system designed to minimize the movement of home foundations across North Texas.


Concentrated specific moisture rates at the foundation increase foundation stabilization


Unbalanced, low yield moisture rates can lead to foundation movement.

At Lee Engineering, we always recommend homeowners have a plan to maintain the integrity of their home’s foundation. Here are a few crucial steps to help minimize foundation movement:

What You Do Today Will Affect Your Foundation Tomorrow in Dallas


Implement a foundation watering system around your home to maintain consistent soil moisture levels year round.


Water trees and shrubs during extended dry periods to avoid excessive soil moisture loss around your home.


Ensure proper soil grading around your home to maintain positive drainage away from the foundation.


Install a roof guttering system to control soil erosion and reduce the concentration of water near the foundation.

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Lee's Custom Designed Foundation Watering System in Dallas

For over 50 years, LEE has delivered long-lasting, quality solutions for homeowners in need. With an engineer-trained team, you can trust us to design and install a foundation watering system that ensures the moisture content around the foundation stays constant, your lawn stays green and you keep more of your hard earned money in your wallet.