6 Rapid Tips for Efficient Water Conservation in Irrigation

Implement these six rapid irrigation guidelines to begin saving money and preserving water this year!

#1 – Seasonal Inspection of Irrigation System

Engage a certified irrigation professional to conduct seasonal evaluations of your irrigation system. In between, inspect your yard for any broken sprinkler heads, and promptly address issues with damaged rotors or valves.

#2 – Control Water Pressure with PRS Heads for Sprinkler Systems

Utilize pressure-regulating spray heads equipped with built-in regulators to minimize water wastage. PRS heads are particularly advantageous in areas with higher water pressure, ensuring consistent and efficient landscape irrigation.”

#3 – Incorporate a Rain/Freeze Sensor

Enhance water conservation by integrating rain and freeze sensors, which prevent irrigation systems from operating shortly after sufficient rainfall or during freezing temperatures.

#4 – Employ the Cycle and Soak Method

Optimize the amount of water that seeps into the soil through the cycle and soak technique. Run the irrigation for 8 minutes, followed by a rest period of at least 10 minutes to allow your yard to absorb the moisture. Repeat as necessary to achieve your desired watering duration.

#5 – Implement Drip Irrigation for Reduced Water Loss

Traditional sprinkler heads result in approximately 30-40% of water loss due to evaporation. By using drip irrigation to deliver water directly to plant roots, you can minimize water wastage and maintain the beauty of your landscape.

#6 – Upgrade to Smart Irrigation Technology

Enhance your system with smart irrigation technology that relies on local weather data to automatically schedule watering times as needed. This upgrade can help conserve up to 60% more water while maintaining efficient irrigation practices.

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