6 Reasons Why Drip Irrigation Pays For Itself

Farmers have been using drip watering systems, also known as trickle irrigation or micro-irrigation, for harvesting crops since the late 1800’s.

Today drip irrigation systems are commonly used to offset the challenges of problematic soil by providing precise and efficient irrigation. There are major advantages to installing dripline, especially if you live in North Texas. Keep reading for the top six reasons why drip irrigation basically pays for itself.

Reason #1 – Drip Irrigation for Foundation Preservation

If you own a home in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas, proper foundation preservation through well-designed irrigation is essential to protecting your investment. In north Texas, expansive clay soil is easily one of the most common causes of structural distress. As the seasons change, expansive clay soil shrinks and swells in volume. That is why so many homes in Dallas and the surrounding areas have foundation problems! The constant fluctuations damage the foundation, and can leave homeowners with ghastly repair bills for both the interior of the home and the foundation. The best way to protect yourself from foundation damage is through the professional installation of a foundation watering system BEFORE damage occurs. A foundation watering dripline installed along the perimeter of your slab promotes moisture balance and protects your home from shrinking and swelling that could damage your foundation and lead to expensive repairs.

Reason #2 – Drip Irrigation Conserves Water

About 30-40% of water emitted through a traditional sprinkler head is eliminated through evaporation. In Texas, the amount of water waste is typically higher during the scorching hot summer months, or on windy days. A properly installed drip system ensures that more than 90% of the water applied is deposited directly into the soil, eliminating waste and saving you money on your water bill.

Reason #3 – Drip Irrigation Reduces Excess Water Runoff

By avoiding the overspray from above-ground sprinkler systems, drip irrigation eliminates muddy pathways throughout your yard after watering. Heck, it may even add a few more years to the life of your carpet thanks to fewer muddy feet trampling through high-traffic zones.

Reason #4 – Drip Irrigation Prevents Soil Erosion


A drip line slowly releases water into the soil and directly to the roots of plants. As such, there is no runoff on the surface of the soil. Homeowners with drip systems avoid the erosion caused by sprinkler heads, keeping their mulch in place and reducing the overall cost of upkeep.

Reason #5 – Drip Irrigation Helps Homeowners Maintain a Beautiful Garden Year-Round

Healthy, Beautiful Plants: Not only does a drip system ensure proper moisture levels in your soil, it lowers the chance of plants affected by disease. Most sprinkler heads deposit water onto a plant’s leaves. Thus, moisture can hang around your plants too long and create a breeding ground for mold, plant disease, or sun burn spots. If you have ever spent hundreds on landscaping only to have your plants wiped out by root rot, then you understand why this process of water application is genius.

6 Reasons Why Drip Irrigation Pays for Itself

Reason #6 – Drip Irrigation Prevents Damage to Your Home

Protect Your Curb Appeal: When you use traditional sprinkler heads, it’s not just the plants that get drenched with water. A sprinkler system constantly applies water to everything in its path including; wood siding, fence panels, planter boxes, shutters, etc.

Water + Wood = Rotting = Repairs $$


Drip irrigation is a wonderful, efficient technique to conserve water, maintain beautiful landscaping and prevent damage to your home and its foundation.

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