Keep watching as Zach discusses converting traditional irrigation zones to drip irrigation and the benefits of drip irrigation in Dallas – Fort Worth.


Hi, I’m Zach with Lee Engineering. Today I want to talk to you about converting sprinkler system zones to drip irrigation. We will also discuss why drip irrigation is popular in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.

The main reason drip irrigation is popular in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex is that it saves water. When a sprinkler system sprays water into the air, moisture is lost due to evaporation. In fact, a good bit of irrigation water is obliterated by the hot Texas sun before it ever hits the ground. Drip irrigation is great for your plants because it applies moisture to the root base. A traditional sprinkler head sprays water on the plant’s foliage which can introduce disease and harm your landscapes.

Drip irrigation applies moisture to your plants at ground level and is the best way to nourish the root system to maximize plant growth. Here we have drip tubing. There’s an emitter every 12-inches. This right here is a drip valve with a pressure reducer. This component is very important because if you don’t have a drip valve with a pressure reducer, the drip will not work properly. You’ll end up with too much pressure throughout the tubing and emitters. As a result, your drip irrigation system will not apply even moisture at optimal pressure. Instead, your drip irrigation system may shoot water out too fast in some areas and too slow in others. If you have high water pressure in your area, you may even blow fittings apart and cause leaks in your irrigation system. That’s why it’s VERY IMPORTANT to have a drip valve with a pressure regulator.

Ultimately, drip irrigation is the most efficient way to water your plants. You can try to convert your irrigation zones by doing it yourself, or you can trust the drip irrigation experts at Lee Engineering.

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