Drip Irrigation’s Impact on Your Foundation

The scorching summers in Dallas Fort Worth are widely known. Just like your body needs extra hydration to cope with the intense heat, your home’s foundation also requires additional moisture. Read on to discover valuable tips for preventing expensive foundation repairs and understand the advantages of foundation watering.

Your Home’s Foundation Also Requires Additional Moisture

FACT: The majority of homes in Dallas-Fort Worth are constructed on expansive clay soil.

FACT: Clay soil expands and contracts depending on the moisture levels during different seasons.

FACT: Active clay soils lead to more property damage in the United States than the cumulative damage caused by floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

The scorching summers in Dallas-Fort Worth can have a detrimental effect on the durability of concrete slabs. The lack of moisture in the soil surrounding your house can lead to the soil retracting from the slab, resulting in foundation shifts. To counteract this moisture deficiency, it is advisable to consider the installation of a foundation watering system. Such a system, similar to drip irrigation, involves placing tubing underground along the home’s perimeter instead of installing the drip line above the soil.

“Is it possible to utilize my sprinkler system for foundation watering in Dallas Fort Worth?”

Establishing appropriate irrigation is the initial measure for maintaining optimal moisture levels. A sprinkler system effectively supplies water to your landscaping, preventing plants from extracting moisture from your foundation. However, the water delivered by sprinklers remains at the surface and fails to penetrate deep enough to counteract the significant moisture deficit that occurs several inches beneath the ground. On the other hand, a foundation watering system, expertly installed, is specifically designed to evenly distribute water below the soil’s natural evaporation line.

“Is it advisable to use a soaker hose for foundation watering?”

Using a soaker hose to water your foundation presents certain drawbacks as it lacks an engineered design for even saturation. Additionally, soaker hoses do not account for landscaping variations, sun exposure, and other factors that impact soil moisture levels. Consequently, if you rely on a soaker hose for foundation watering, it may potentially cause more harm than benefit.

The key to effective foundation watering lies in achieving a proper balance. For a precise and customized foundation watering solution, you can rely on the expertise of Lee Sprinkler, Drainage, and Foundation Preservation. Since 1971, we have been assisting homeowners in the DFW area in safeguarding their most significant investment – their home.

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