Lee Engineering Saved DFW 2 Million Gallons of Water

Lee Engineering Helps Dallas Fort Worth Beat High Water Bills

Thanks to the development of Wi-Fi smart controller technology and the passion of Licensed Irrigator Steve Thompson, Lee Engineering helped area homeowners conserve more than 2 million gallons of water in 2017.

Steve Thompson leads the Lee Engineering Water Conservation initiative by educating Dallas – Fort Worth residents on the benefits of replacing old, out-dated irrigation controllers with a smart controller. As an added bonus, homeowners are able to avoid high water bills during the hot summer months.

Steve emphasizes, “Installing a smart controller only takes about 30 minutes. We replace your old controller with the new system, connect to Wi-Fi, and you’re good to go. It pays for itself in less than a year, no doubt about it.”

Smart irrigation uses local forecast data such as temperature, precipitation, and other factors to automatically adjust watering schedules. Many homeowners enjoy the ease of “setting and forgetting” their system, while others utilize the app to monitor and control from their smart device.

Aside from relaying the advantage of efficient watering to clients, Steve teaches a continuing education class on water conservation at the Arlington Board of Realtors. Also, in February of 2018, he shared his knowledge with local businesses owners at the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

According to Steve, “The challenge is getting the word out to as many people as possible. When I tell homeowners that smart irrigation saves up to 60% more water, beats high water bills, and gives them the freedom to control their sprinkler system from anywhere in the world, they go nuts.”


With a rapidly growing number of smart controller installations, the Lee Engineering Irrigation Team is on track to save Dallas Fort Worth residents several million gallons of water in 2018.

Steve adds,

“With the recent population boom in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we have to make every drop count. Also, these smart controllers are excellent for drip irrigation foundation watering”

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