Maintaining Your Sprinkler System in Winter: A Guide to Watering Frequencies

Curious about winter lawn watering? Discovering the ideal frequency for running your irrigation system during the colder months can be a challenge for homeowners aiming to maintain a beautiful lawn year-round. If you’re uncertain about the recommended watering schedules for the fall and winter seasons in Texas, this article is for you.

Winter Irrigation: Keeping Your Landscapes Thriving

In the scorching Texas climate, homeowners understand the significance of a reliable irrigation system to keep their lawns lush and healthy. While regular watering is crucial during the hot summer months, many homeowners are unsure about adjusting their irrigation schedules to accommodate milder fall and winter temperatures.

It may be tempting to shut off your irrigation system during the fall and winter, but if you want your landscapes to thrive come springtime, it’s important to keep your irrigation system running throughout the year.

One compelling reason to run your sprinkler system during the winter is to provide the necessary moisture to your plants. Even in a dormant state, sod, for instance, still requires about an inch of water per month to stay healthy. If natural rainfall is insufficient, your sod could suffer from insufficient moisture, hindering its growth potential.

However, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid overwatering your lawn. Excessive watering can lead to problems like fungus, root rot, and plant diseases. Plant roots should always be encouraged to search for water, ensuring their continuous growth and vitality. Applying precise irrigation helps foster deep root growth, enabling plants to thrive all year round.

By understanding the importance of maintaining your irrigation system during winter and implementing precise watering techniques, you can promote healthy and resilient landscapes throughout the year.

Valuable Advice for Adjusting Your Sprinkler System Seasonally

  • Stay informed with To avoid the pitfalls of under or overwatering your lawn, visit and sign up for their weekly emails. Collaborating with Tarrant Regional Water District and Dallas Water Utilities, they offer “Weekly Watering Advice” specifically tailored for Dallas Fort Worth homeowners. This valuable resource will guide you on when and how long to run your sprinkler system, ensuring optimal watering practices.
  • Upgrade to a smart irrigation controller: Consider installing a smart irrigation controller to revolutionize your watering routine. These advanced systems utilize data from local weather stations to automatically schedule your irrigation based on real-time conditions. Unlike traditional controllers that rely on preset schedules and timers, smart controllers monitor crucial factors such as weather forecasts, soil moisture levels, evaporation rates, and plant water requirements. By adapting to actual site conditions, these controllers provide precise and efficient watering.
  • Rely on the expertise of Lee Sprinkler, Drainage, and Foundation Preservation: With over five decades of experience, Lee Sprinkler, Drainage, and Foundation Preservation has been a trusted provider of top-notch irrigation repair and installation services in the Dallas Fort Worth area. For customers utilizing traditional irrigation controllers, we offer the following seasonal adjustment recommendations to optimize your system’s performance.

If you find yourself uncertain about winter lawn watering, Lee Sprinkler, Drainage, and Foundation Preservation is here to help with our seasonal irrigation tune-ups. Our expert team will ensure that your system is properly adjusted and ready to thrive. Don’t forget to inquire about smart irrigation technology during your service appointment! Contact Lee Sprinkler, Drainage, and Foundation Preservation today for all your irrigation needs.

Call Lee Engineering for a foundation drip irrigation system customized for your home’s specific needs. (817) 277-6022

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