Clients frequently inquire, “Is there a way to disable the sprinkler system’s water supply without affecting the entire household water supply?” This knowledge can prove incredibly useful, particularly when confronted with excessive water flow from a damaged sprinkler head. Join us in either watching the video or perusing the provided transcript, where Joel guides Dallas Fort Worth irrigation customers on the essential steps to promptly deactivate the water supply to their sprinkler system during an emergency.

Mastering Sprinkler System Shutdown: Tips from Dallas Fort Worth Experts

Backflow Prevention Devices


JOEL: Hello there! Today, we find ourselves in Kennedale, Texas, addressing a sprinkler system leak for one of our customers. We receive frequent customer calls, all with the same question: “How can I shut off my sprinkler system without affecting the water supply to my entire house?” Allow me to introduce you to the double-check valve. You’ll likely find it nestled underground inside a green box in your yard. Using a pair of channel locks, gently open the box to reveal its contents.

Now that we’ve exposed the double-check device, you’ll notice it boasts two handles, one on each side. To deactivate the double-check device, simply turn either handle until it is perpendicular to the device. It doesn’t matter which handle you choose to turn.

When both handles on your double-check or backflow prevention device are broken, it’s a clear sign that something isn’t functioning as it should. In such a scenario, your double-check device would not meet the required standards if inspected by the City of Arlington, City of Dallas, or City of Fort Worth. A malfunctioning double-check poses a risk of water contamination, endangering both your health and that of others.

At Lee Sprinkler, Drainage, and Foundation Preservation, we specialize in servicing and replacing backflow prevention devices, commonly referred to as double-check devices, in the Dallas Fort Worth Arlington area. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll promptly address your concerns. If you’re unable to shut off your double-check, rest assured that we have a fleet of 7 trucks across the Dallas Fort Worth region, ensuring that we can assist you as swiftly as possible.

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Whether you require support in turning off your sprinkler system’s water supply or assistance with your double-check or backflow prevention device, our team at Lee Engineering is here to help.

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