In 2018, we set a goal to help DFW homeowners conserve six million gallons of water using Smart Irrigation Technology. We are proud to announce that we exceeded our goal with over nine million gallons conserved!

Our Customers Want to Know…

“With clients all over DFW, how on earth could Lee Engineering keep track of gallons saved in an entire year? “

The answer is simple.

Smart Irrigation Technology allows Lee Engineering, and our customers, to view real-time reports including data on water savings and total water usage. According to our calculations, at midnight on New Year’s Eve we had 250 Wi-fi smart controllers installed throughout the metroplex! Using the contractor dashboard, we were able to determine that customers saved 60-90% more water in 2018. When we added all of the numbers, we were blown away!

What is Predictive Watering™?

Predictive Watering™ is a technology developed by Hunter® that uses local weather data to fine-tune irrigation systems equipped with Hunter® brand smart controllers. With Smart Irrigation Technology in place, the system only runs when absolutely necessary. Homeowners notice healthy, thriving landscapes – with the added benefit of lower water bills.

Add images and monitor each zone’s settings.
Create custom zones based on landscape type.
On average, customers saved 80% more water.
Quick and Easy Installation Included

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