Smarter Irrigation, Smoother Operations: The Benefits of Smart Products For Residential Use

Easier than ever before, Hunter Hydrawise’s smart irrigation technology revolutionizes the management of residential irrigation systems. By incorporating this advanced technology, maintaining landscapes, conserving water, and controlling costs become seamless processes.

Experience the Benefits of a Properly Installed Irrigation System

Experience the benefits of a properly installed and well-maintained residential irrigation system as it enhances the beauty and health of landscapes while minimizing expenses associated with water usage and repairs. This innovative solution is ideal for a wide range of applications, including municipal properties, schools, sports complexes, and multi-site residential projects.

Lee Sprinkler, Drainage, and Foundation Preservation is your go-to contact for the Hunter Hydrawise Pro HC Wi-Fi controller. Call them at 817-277-6022 to inquire about this innovative solution.

Enhance your residential irrigation system with Hydrawise Smart Controllers. Discover their basic and management features:

Basic Features:

1. Predictive Watering™: Utilizing Wi-Fi technology, the Hydrawise irrigation controller adjusts watering schedules in real time based on local weather conditions.

2. Manage & Monitor: Conveniently manage your properties using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Receive instant alerts for flow rate and valve issues.

3. EPA Water Sense Approval: Hydrawise meets the high-efficiency standards set by EPA Water Sense, commonly adopted by water districts.

Management Features:

  • Staff Access with Permissions: Customize access permissions to facilitate communication and address potential issues promptly.
  • Manage Thousands of Controllers: Effortlessly manage multiple sites from your preferred device.
  • Multi-Site Management: Access Hydrawise software remotely, enabling you to make changes to watering schedules and perform management tasks from anywhere, anytime.
  • Job Sheet: Instantly send job sheets and work orders to field staff, ensuring timely resolution of issues.
  • Irrigation Schedules: Create complex watering schedules with multiple start times per zone, cycle and soak capabilities, and zone percentage adjustments for precise watering requirements.
  • Advanced Reports: Stay informed about system performance with detailed reports on weather forecasts, history, zone flows, solenoid loads, and more.
  • Summary of Water Savings: Easily track water savings and overall system performance.
  • Preconfigured Watering Schedules: Save common watering schedules to streamline controller programming and modifications.
  • Map of Controller Locations: Identify and locate all your controllers on a map,

Hydrawise: Saving You Time, Money, and Resources

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Hydrawise smart controllers in managing multiple landscapes. Let’s explore some scenarios:

Scenario 1: Waterlogged Area Complaint

Without Hydrawise:

Dealing with a waterlogged area involves a time-consuming process of diagnosing and fixing a leaking pipe. Fencing off the site and coordinating with drying time is essential.

With Hydrawise:

Flow monitoring detects the leak, triggering an immediate alert. Use the app to shut off the water and schedule a convenient appointment to fix the issue.


Prevent massive water bills, save time by scheduling the fix, and avoid restricting public access or addressing complaints.

Scenario 2: Cut Valve Wire during Maintenance

Without Hydrawise:

Discover the problem only when plants start dying and complaints arise. Costly replanting becomes necessary.

With Hydrawise:

Receive an alert pinpointing the affected valve, allowing for timely repairs and protection of the landscape.


Preserve the landscape’s integrity and ensure the enjoyment of staff and the public.

Scenario 3: Seasonal Adjustments

Without Hydrawise:

Visit each site to manually adjust watering schedules.

With Hydrawise: 

Automated adjustments based on local conditions eliminate the need for manual intervention.


Save valuable time at each site, including travel time and expenses.

Scenario 4: Suspending Watering for an Event

Without Hydrawise:

Physically travel to the site to turn off and later resume watering.

With Hydrawise:

Conveniently suspend watering using the app, with automatic resumption after the event.


Save hours of travel time and associated costs, with seamless control over irrigation schedules.

Scenario 5: Site Managers’ Access

Without Hydrawise:

Limited access for site managers or inconvenience when changing locks.

With Hydrawise:

Site managers can access controllers via the app, with customizable permissions and comprehensive monitoring.


Empower site managers to make changes while retaining full control and remote monitoring capabilities.

A properly installed, operated, and maintained residential irrigation system conserves water, time, money, and other valuable resources. Since 1971, Lee Sprinkler, Drainage and Foundation Preservation has been providing quality irrigation, drainage, and foundation watering services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call 817-277-6022 today to schedule a residential irrigation evaluation.

Discover the efficiency and benefits of Hydrawise for your residential irrigation needs!

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