Water Conservation? There’s an App For That

We have reached a point in modern technology where a convenient downloadable app exists for almost anything we can imagine. Thankfully, the irrigation industry has finally decided to jump on the band wagon with the development of smart controller technology.

What is smart irrigation?

A modern approach to traditional irrigation that allows homeowners to monitor their sprinkler system from a smart device. Smart irrigation is designed to minimize your environmental footprint through sustainable, efficient water use. The process is implemented using a weather-based controller in conjunction with pressure optimized sprinkler heads. This new technology is only available through professional installation by a licensed irrigator.

What is the advantage of using a smart controller?

  • Convenience: A smart controller allows you to view and manage your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world by simply downloading an app to your smart device. Like to travel? Looking after aging loved ones? A smart controller helps you stay in control, even when you can’t be physically present.
  • Efficiency: Your watering schedule will automatically adjust based on local weather data. If there is a high probability of rain, you can count on a smart controller to skip the watering cycle, saving you money and protecting your landscaping from over-watering.
  • Measureable: Access real-time reports with clear graphs indicating your water use and savings, all within the app.
  • Compatible: Most irrigation systems will not need to be fully replaced to utilize smart controller technology. In fact, installation takes about 30-60 minutes. Keep in mind, for optimal water savings you want to be sure that your system has pressure regulating heads as well.
    • Pressure Regulating Heads: Controls the size of a water droplet by lowering the output at each sprinkler head. Some sprinkler heads emit a mist so fine that most of the moisture evaporates, especially in hot summer months. Other sprinkler heads blast water with intense force, leading to wasted water and money.
  • Backed with Professional Support: When you hire a professional to install your smart irrigation, you are backed by a knowledgeable licensed professional who will not only teach you how to operate your system, but will also provide support after the initial installation.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: You might be able to find similar products online for a couple hundred dollars. Be aware that those models are likely outdated versions of today’s smart controller. Only a licensed professional has access to the latest smart irrigation technology. If you order online, not only will you be on your own to install your device, you will be high and dry (maybe even literally) if you encounter issues down the line.
  • Protection: By installing a simple flow meter, both you and your professional contractor will receive real-time alerts notifying you of potential water waste.
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