What is an Outdoor Sump Pump?

As a homeowner, maintaining proper drainage is crucial when it comes to protecting your investment. The last thing you want is water pooling near your foundation and causing structural damage. Even if the water isn’t seeping into your home, excess moisture leads to soil expansion and can seriously damage concrete slab or pier and beam foundations. In areas of heavy water accumulation, it is sometimes necessary to install an exterior sump pump.

What is an outdoor sump pump?

An exterior sump pump is a mechanism used to transport unwanted pooling water to a safe location away from your home foundation.

Where does the water go?

Often, outdoor sump pumps and corresponding drainage solutions are designed to drain water to the street and into a nearby storm sewer. In larger yards, sump pumps may migrate water to a safe area of your yard where it can percolate naturally.

Do I need an exterior sump pump?

Most drainage solutions rely on gravity and slope to help drain water away from your home to a safe location of lower elevation. Under the right conditions, many homeowners can eliminate soggy areas in their landscape and improve drainage by simply grading the soil or installing French drains. However, these types of drainage solutions only work when there is somewhere downhill to route the water. If an area of lower elevation is not available, it may be necessary to install a sump pump. For example, if you own a lovely house on a hill that sits a few inches higher than the street, a dry well, or a dry well with a sump pump system might be your best option for improving drainage.

When to Install an Outdoor Sump Pump

Exterior sump pumps are often used in the following circumstances:

  • In smaller yards where there’s not enough space to excavate land to implement other drainage solutions
  • In yards with heavy clay soils that do not drain well
  • When the water table is too close to the soil surface
  • When an area of lower elevation does not exist

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