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Lee Engineering is a drainage contractor serving Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding suburbs. Expert, Willy Gugol discusses how Lee Engineering engineers drainage design for area homeowners.


Hi, this is Willy with Lee Engineering Company. We service the Dallas Fort Worth area with custom drainage and irrigation solutions. When I go to houses in the Dallas Fort Worth area to look at a specific drainage problem, I usually meet the homeowner/property owner and discuss specific issues they’re facing.

Drainage Companies Dallas Fort Worth Arlington

When identifying drainage problems in the Dallas Fort Worth and Arlington area, we will look for areas of natural ponding that occur over time through settling. We also look for erosion points that can occur. Erosion occurs when repeated water flow moves dirt and soil from one area to another.

When examining the property, we highlight areas of positive water flow and identify the best route to direct runoff to the desired escape point. If positive elevation does not exist, we create positive flow using sump pumps, tanks, and/or soil grading. Most often, there are surface solutions available that will allow us to transport water to the discharge point using gravity and a smooth pipe. When choosing an area to discharge water runoff, we first look for alleys, ditches, concrete flumes, or natural flumes that have already been installed by the City. It’s our goal as drainage contractors to create a drainage solution that is minimally disruptive to the overall neighborhood aesthetic.

Surface drainage design, such as a catch basin or inlet, depends on water volume and available elevation. For example, a 6-inch pipe takes quite a bit of elevation to move water from point A to point B. Whereas a smaller, 4-inch pipe requires less elevation for proper water flow. However, the 4-inch pipe will not be able to move as much water as the 6-inch version, so we must take all factors into consideration.

Lee Engineering – Drainage Contractor Dallas Fort Worth Arlington

Process for Determining The Best Drainage Solution Involves:

  1. Identifying the volume of water to be mitigated.
  2. Examining property elevation levels.
  3. Choosing an ideal discharge point.
  4. Determining which pipes, catch basins and inlet types are required to meet the above demand.

When designing custom drainage solutions in Dallas Fort Worth, we also have to take into consideration existing gutters and downspouts. Gutters and downspouts are the first step to proper drainage and must be tied into the overall design.

At Lee Engineering, we recommend managing all water on your property, instead of just addressing specific issues. This is because, while some drainage problems may seem more problematic than others, proper moisture balance is essential to protecting the integrity of our home’s foundation.


To schedule a drainage consultation with Lee Engineering, call 817-277-6022 or fill out the form below.

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