Engineered Drainage Solutions – You Get What You Pay For

Willy Gugel with Lee Engineering shows Dallas Fort Worth homeowners the difference between a cheap drainage fix and high-quality drainage design. Watch the video below!


Hello, my name is Willy Gugel with Lee Engineering. Lee Engineering has been in business since 1971 and we service the Dallas-Fort Worth area with irrigation and drainage solutions. Today I want to talk a little bit about the types of materials that are used when you hire someone to install the proper drainage around your house.

At Lee Engineering, we only use certain types of materials when installing drainage solutions. They’re a bit pricier but they are designed to last. Most importantly, they’re designed to function and move the water that is creating an issue around your home. I’ll show you a couple of different examples. For example, the most commonly used pipe used by landscapers is called ADS. ADS is a brand or a type of pipe that is corrugated on the inside to slow down the flow of water. ADS pipe can also collect dirt in the grooves as water moves through the tunnel. The reason why many people use ADS pipe for drainage solutions is that it’s flexible and inexpensive. When landscapers use flexible corrugated pipe for drainage design, they can save money on fittings since you can literally twist and bend the pipe in every direction.



At Lee Engineering, we do not use corrugated pipe for drainage design because it does not hold up over time. Instead, Lee Engineering typically uses SDR-35 pipe for drainage installations. Unlike corrugated ADS pipe, SDR-35 is thick-walled, rigid, and smooth on the inside. SDR-35 is designed to transport water quickly without clogging. Compared to corrugated pipe, SDR-35 is easier to maintain and much more durable. Another kind of pipe that Lee Engineering uses for drainage installation is S&D. S&D pipe is all white and we use it for connections throughout the drainage system. As mentioned, Lee Engineering only uses SDR pipe or S&D fittings when installing custom drainage solutions. These hard fittings allow for a tight fit to ensure water reaches the desired discharge point.


For high volume drainage design, Lee Engineering uses inlets instead of catch basins. Catch basins tend to hold dirt and garbage and need to be cleaned out frequently. With Lee’s inlet design, you won’t have to worry about clearing debris out a couple of times a year. These inlets are shallow, so anything that falls in here goes to the center and out the pipe. What I have here are heavy-duty grates that are designed to last forever, but there are several variations to choose from.

Save Money in the Long Run by Doing it Right the First Time

Lee Engineering custom drainage solutions are designed to last for a very long time. When getting quotes for drainage solutions, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples.” What kind of materials are they using? Do they offer a warranty? How long have they been in business? These are all important things to consider when choosing the right drainage contractor.

Call Lee Engineering at 817-277-6022 for more information or click here to schedule a drainage consultation.

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