Drip Irrigation for Flowerbeds

Drip irrigation, also known as micro-irrigation, is a great way to offset the challenges of problematic clay soil. Drip irrigation provides precise and efficient irrigation and eliminates water waste due to evaporation. Since moisture is applied directly to the surface of the soil, micro-irrigation also reduces the risk for plant disease, mold, and sun burn spots.

To save money and conserve more water, upgrade your existing sprinkler system to include drip irrigation zones. Call Lee Engineering at 817-277-6022 for more information on drip irrigation systems in Dallas Fort Worth.

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A properly installed, operated, and maintained residential irrigation system conserves water, time, money, and other valuable resources. Since 1971, Lee Sprinkler, Drainage and Foundation Preservation has been providing quality irrigation, drainage, and foundation watering services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call 817-277-6022 today to schedule a residential irrigation evaluation.

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