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Customers are always asking, “How can I shut off water to the sprinkler system without turning water off for the whole house?” This is a handy trick to know, especially if you experience gushing water from a broken sprinkler head. Watch the video or read the transcript below as Joel shows Dallas Fort Worth irrigation customers how to shut off water to the sprinkler system in an emergency.


JOEL: Hey there, we are out in Kennedale Texas today because we had a customer with a leak in the sprinkler system. We get phone calls all the time with customers asking, how do I get my sprinkler system to turn off without turning water off to the whole house? Let me introduce you to the double check. Your double check valve is likely located underground in a green box in your yard. You can use your channel locks to pop open the box and take a look inside.

Now that we have the double check device exposed we can see that it has two handles, one on each side. To turn the double check device off, you can turn either handle to be perpendicular with the double check device. It doesn’t matter which handle you turn.

My Double Check or Backflow Prevention Device Has Broken Handles

Let’s say that you come out to your double check and both of your handles are broken off. If both handles on your double check are broken, that is a pretty good indicator that it’s not working like it should. If the City of Arlington, City of Dallas, City of Fort Worth were to come out, your double check would not be up to code. If your double check is not working properly you are putting yourself and others at risk for water contamination.

Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Irrigation and Drainage – Lee Engineering

We are out here everyday at Lee Engineering testing and replacing back flow prevention devices, also known as double check devices. Give us a call and we can get you taken care of right away. If you can’t get your double check to turn off, we have 7 trucks in the Dallas Fort Worth area and we will get you taken care of as soon as possible.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing and Replacement in Dallas Fort Worth Arlington

Contact Lee Engineering Call 817-277-6022 for help with shutting water off to the sprinkler system or assistance with your double check or back flow prevention device. 

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