Lee Engineering now offers Hunter MP Rotator sprinkler heads to help homeowners get the most out of their irrigation system. In fact, we’ve already installed dozens of revolutionary nozzle/sprinkler head combos throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. What’s with all the hype? How is the Hunter MP Rotator different when compared to an average sprinkler head? Well, for starters, the Hunter MP Rotator nozzle is easy to install and works with most existing sprinkler systems. Swapping out old irrigation parts for more efficient versions is a proven technique for maximizing water savings without breaking the bank on a new system. In fact, many issues with low water pressure, runoff, and uneven coverage can be remedied by installing new spray nozzles and sprinkler heads. Keep reading to discover why the MP Rotator is a game-changer for irrigation systems.

Hunter Sprinkler Heads: MP Rotator, a Game-Changing Innovation

Efficient Irrigation Systems – Dallas/Fort Worth

At Lee Engineering, we believe the key to efficient irrigation is to maximize every drop of water. Most sprinkler heads simply spray water on landscaping, but this particular design emits multiple streams of water at a slow, consistent rate. We recommend the MP Rotator nozzle for sprinkler heads to homeowners who want to eliminate wasteful runoff and cut back on their overall irrigation water usage.

Features and benefits:

Versatility –  One of the best features of the Hunter MP Rotator head is the ability to adjust the sprinkler head to accommodate different zones with unique requirements. For example, sprinkler heads located between structures may only need to spray a 5-foot radius. On the other hand, some sprinkler heads may need to cover a larger area. The Hunter MP Rotator can adjust between 5 to 35 feet to accommodate all zones.

Consistency Across Zones – The main benefit of installing Hunter MP Rotator heads is matched precipitation across zones. In layman’s terms, matched precipitation means that every inch of soil receives equal moisture whereas typical sprinkler heads have various precipitation rates based on arch and spray pattern. As such, the MP Rotator head allows for a level of customization that standard sprinkler heads simply cannot provide. See the image below.

Less Water Waste – The Hunter MP Rotator sprinkler head is designed to produce large droplets of water when compared to standard sprinkler heads. The added weight is just enough to prevent water waste due to windspeed and evaporation.

Irrigation System Longevity – The double pop-up feature on the MP Rotator head prevents the nozzle from clogging with dirt and debris.

No Water Runoff – The MP Rotator head is designed to apply moisture at a slow and steady rate, allowing tight soils time to absorb moisture. This feature is great for clay soils and steep slopes!

Irrigation System Design & Installation – Dallas/Fort Worth

Considering installing a new irrigation system? The Hunter MP Rotator head is an excellent choice! Thanks to low flow rates, you’ll be able to maximize the number of sprinkler heads per zone. Fewer zones mean fewer valves, wiring, and less pipe to install. Not only will the Hunter MP Rotator head help lower your irrigation water bill, but you’ll likely save money on material and labor costs when installing a new irrigation system.

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Lee Engineering carries and installs the full line of Hunter MP Rotator heads and nozzles. To start enjoying the benefits of efficient irrigation with matched precipitation sprinkler heads, call 817-277-6022 today!

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