Licensed Irrigator, Steve Thompson on Rain & Freeze Sensors

Transcript: This is Steve at Lee Engineering in Arlington, Texas back again talking about irrigation rain and freeze sensors this time. What I have here is one example. This is what we put in all over Dallas Fort Worth. This is the Hunter rain and freeze click sensor. We install these sensors on irrigation systems to prevent it from running shortly after it has rained. It also shuts the system down if the outside temperature drops below about 36 degrees. We’ve got a wireless transmitter that goes out on your fence on the overhang. The wireless sensor communicates with the irrigation controller using a receiver. You don’t have to worry about resetting it if the power goes out because it automatically pings itself about every 15 minutes

Irrigation Rain and Freeze Sensors in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

In Texas, we occasionally experience freezing temperatures during the early morning hours. It is during this time when most irrigation systems are scheduled to run.  We don’t want your system to spray water onto your driveway or you’ll leave for work in the morning to discover an icy driveway that is now a safety issue. Rain and freeze sensors also save water and can lower your irrigation water bill.


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