Watch the video as Licensed Irrigator Steve Thompson explains how Lee Engineering goes above and beyond to provide quality irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth.

Transcript: Hi, I’m Steve Thompson with Lee engineering here in Kennedale Texas. Today I want to spend just a minute and talk to you about how we’re different than a lot of other irrigation companies in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We’re different in a lot of ways. An irrigation system is designed to do one thing, to transport water from the water source to your lawn, garden beds, and other landscapes. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. Over the last four to five years, irrigation part manufacturers have come up with many new products to improve irrigation efficiency in order to make every drop count. At Lee Engineering, we use PRS heads (pressure regulating sprinkler heads) to control water pressure and deliver water droplets exactly where they are supposed to go.

Another product that we recommend to homeowners seeking to maximize irrigation water use is the smart irrigation controller. Specifically, we recommend the Hunter Hydrawise smart irrigation controller. These WiFi enabled controllers take the guess-work out of watering your lawn and save DFW homeowners millions of gallons of water. The advanced technology will water your plants as needed by taking into account recent rainfall, temperatures, and other weather conditions. At Lee Engineering, we design your irrigation system to compliment what “Mother Nature” provides naturally.

You may think that all sprinkler systems are the same, but that’s not the case. When it comes to irrigation system design, the details are very important. We want to make sure that every time a homeowner runs their irrigation system, they are watering their landscape in the most efficient way possible. Until the next time, I’m Steve Thompson with Lee engineering in Kennedale, Texas. I’ll talk to you later!

Since 1971, Lee Engineering provides quality irrigation, drainage, and foundation watering services in Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding suburbs.