Smart Irrigation Products for Commercial Use

Commercial irrigation systems play a major role in maintaining landscapes, conserving water, and controlling costs. A properly installed and maintained commercial irrigation system promotes healthy, beautiful landscapes while reducing expenses related to irrigation water usage and repairs. With Hunter Hydrawise smart irrigation technology, managing municipal properties, schools, sports complexes, and multi-site commercial projects is easier than ever before.

Hydrawise Smart Controllers for Commercial Irrigation


Hydrawise Smart Controllers for Commercial Irrigation


  • Predictive Watering™ – The Hunter Hydrawise irrigation controller uses Wi-Fi to deliver real-time climate monitoring and automatically adjust the irrigation system based on local weather conditions.
  • Manage & Monitor – Manage properties from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Flow rate and valve monitoring instantly alert you in the event of a problem.
  • EPA WaterSense Approval – Hydrawise meets EPA WaterSense requirements, which are applied by many water districts as the standard for a high-efficiency irrigation controller.


  • Staff Access with Permissions – Customized permissions allow you to give access to your whole crew, as well as site staff, to facilitate communication and resolve issues before they become problems.
  • Manage Thousands of Controllers – Hydrawise allows you to manage thousands of sites from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Multi-Site Management – Hydrawise software offers quick access from any location. With remote off-site monitoring, professionals can perform management services, like changing watering schedules, from anywhere at any time.
  • Job Sheet – Instantly send job sheets and work orders to your in-field staff and fix issues before they become problems.
  • Irrigation Schedules – Hydrawise allows for complex watering schedules with multiple start times per zone, cycle and soak, and zone percentage adjustments to ensure that your watering requirements can be achieved.
  • Advanced Reports – Know what is happening with your system at all times. View weather forecasts, weather history, zone flows, solenoid loads, and more.
  • Summary of Water Savings – Understand system performance and water savings at a glance.
  • Preconfigured Watering Schedules – Save common watering schedules to make creating, programming, and modifying your controllers easier and faster.
  • Map of Controller Locations – See all your controllers on a map for easy identification and driving directions.

Hydrawise Saves Time, Money, and Resources

Hydrawise smart controllers make managing multiple landscapes a breeze:

“I received a complaint about a waterlogged area that needs to be fenced off from the public.”

Without Hydrawise: You stop everything, drive to the site, and spend two hours diagnosing and fixing the leaking pipe. You fence off the site to avoid further damage and must remember to take down the fence once the area is dry.
With Hydrawise: With flow monitoring, Hydrawise detects the leak immediately. You receive an alert and use the app to shut the water off. Even better, you know exactly where the leak occurred and schedule an appointment to fix it.
Impact: You prevent a massive water bill, you save time because you scheduled the fix to fit your schedule, and you do not have to restrict access to the area or address complaints from the public.

“The valve wire was cut during maintenance.”

Without Hydrawise: You don’t know about the problem until plants begin to die and people are upset. It’s expensive to replant the area.
With Hydrawise: You get an alert indicating the exact valve in need of attention. You repair the valve before any plants are lost. Impact: The landscape is protected and able to be enjoyed by staff and the public.

“I need to make seasonal adjustments.”

Without Hydrawise: You drive to every site and spend time manually adjusting each controller.
With Hydrawise: Watering schedules are automatically adjusted based on local conditions.
Impact: You save 15 minutes per site, plus travel time and expenses.

“We have an event on the lawn and need to suspend watering.”

Without Hydrawise: You drive to the site and turn off the controller manually. When the event is over, you have to drive back and turn the controller on to resume watering.
With Hydrawise: You use the app to suspend watering until after the event. Impact: You save hours of travel time and expenses. Hydrawise will automatically resume irrigation after the suspension date.

“Some of your site managers want to access their controllers.”

Without Hydrawise: With an older controller, site managers retain full access at all times. If you change the locks, they have no access.
With Hydrawise: Your site managers can access controllers using their smartphone or computer app from any location. You can give them full or limited access and you can monitor all their changes and actions.
Impact: Site managers love that they can make small changes and view their controllers. However, you still retain full control and can monitor all your sites remotely.

A properly installed, operated, and maintained commercial irrigation system conserves water and saves time, money, and other precious resources. Since 1971, Lee Engineering provides quality irrigation, drainage, and foundation watering services in Dallas – Fort Worth. Call 817-277-6022 to schedule a commercial irrigation evaluation today!

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