“Irrigation accounts for more than 30% of total household water use, on average, but can be as much as 60% of total household water use in arid regions.”

– Environmental Protection Agency

If you live in a neighborhood with high water pressure, you’ve probably noticed sprinkler systems spraying a fine, misty fog onto landscapes. Without pressure regulation, these sprinkler systems will continue to waste an enormous amount of water. Pressure-regulating spray heads are easily added to existing sprinkler systems and perform as an essential component of an efficient irrigation system.

Benefits of Pressure Regulating Spray Heads – Dallas Fort Worth Irrigation Company

When sprinkler heads emit moisture at optimal pressure, the result is a clean, even spray pattern that allows precise water application. In most cases, the optimal spray head nozzle operates at 30 PSI. If your sprinkler system is operating at a higher PSI, you may notice a mist effect when watering your lawn. Not only is your irrigation system wasting water due to evaporation and wind drift, but your plants are also more vulnerable to disease and fungus.

On the contrary, you may notice dead patches or dry spots if your water pressure is too low. Low water pressure may prevent pop-up sprinkler heads from emerging from the soil. If your water pressure seems too low, check the valves on your backflow device to make sure they are fully open.

Every year, thousands of gallons of water are wasted due to fluctuating water pressure. Pressure-regulating heads are inexpensive and designed to maintain constant pressure, reduce water waste, save money, and extend the life of your irrigation system. For more information on maximizing your irrigation system’s efficiency, contact a Licensed Irrigator, or schedule a sprinkler system evaluation today.