How to Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads

Lee Engineering goes above and beyond to ensure that your sprinkler system is efficient and effective. In this video, DJ explains how Lee Engineering repairs busted sprinkler heads with “funny pipe” to prevent future damage to your irrigation system.
Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads with Funny Pipe

Transcript: Hello, I’m DJ with Lee Engineering. Today we’re going to talk about the Lee Engineering method for installing a sprinkler head compared to how most irrigation companies install sprinkler heads. If you’ve ever come across your irrigation system while working in the yard, you’ve probably noticed how the spray heads are connected to an underground pipe. Most sprinkler repair companies connect irrigation spray heads using one of these green nipples. Unfortunately, sprinkler heads that are installed like this break very easily. If you have a spray head located near your driveway and run it over by mistake, it’s going to break.
At Lee Engineering, we install funny 90 on every new irrigation system installation, especially when the sprinkler head is located near sidewalks or driveways. Funny pipe, also known as common flex pipe, provides a flexible connection to the main irrigation pipe. These fittings do not blow out. We’ve tested them at about 130 PSI. Sprinkler heads installed with funny pipe will bend versus snap when pressure is applied.
This is DJ Abshire with Lee engineering and today we talked about funny pipe and connecting the flexible pipe to all of the sprinkler heads in your yard.

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